Welcome to Kadappuram Beach Resort

Nestled along the pristine shores of Nattika Beach in the culturally rich region of Thrissur, Kerala, Kadappuram Beach Resort invites you to experience the essence of serenity and luxury amidst nature's embrace.


An eco-sensitive place for


In Ayurveda, health, healing and beauty rely on freeing the body of toxic materials resulting from incomplete digestion, restoring sound cellular nutrition, facilitating complete elimination and re-establishing the balance of Doshas.

  • 100% traditional classic Ayurveda no compromise to the modern developments in this tried and tested system of medicine.
  • 4 doctors - 2 male and 2 lady doctors.
  • 32 therapists and 8 self contained treatment rooms in the center.
  • 2-2.5 hours daily treatments.
  • Free consultation with the doctors on arrival day and whenever required, the treatments will be decided by the doctors as per the body conditions of the persons.
  • Treatments under the direct supervision of the doctors all the time.
  • Medicines and medicated oils needed for the treatments are produced in the center under the supervision of the doctors, not procured from outside to avoid the adulteration of the medicines.
  • Center is built applying the Ayurveda guidelines, large treatment room with high ceiling to enter more oxygen, no air conditioning, traditional treatment tables made out of single solid wooden plank observing Ayurveda guidelines, no rubber mats or cushions on the treatment tables, 2-3 persons will be attending a person during the treatment all the time.
  • Minimum 14 days treatments.
  • Yoga exercise and meditation available in the yoga center but as per the guide lines of the doctors.


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